I have just returnedfrom a long weekend spent in Munich, and whata lovely time I had! My folks and best friend came along with me to show their much appreciated support, and to devourschnitzels, strudels and neckmany pintsof wheat beer. Delicious. We explored thecentre of Munich, which is a beautiful place, as well as visiting the BMW HQ and the Olympic stadium.

On Saturday we jumped on the tube and made our way to the exhibition hall. After first been contacted about Talente in September last year, and posting my wallpapers off over a month ago, it wasreally niceto see how everything had come to together after months of obvious hard work by the Talente organisers. Thank you to Michaela for all of herassistancesince September,and also toHannah for her helpon Saturday.

More strolling around town on Sunday, and we stumbled across the Ludwig Beck store. Sadly it was closed, but the window display was beautiful! Lots ofcolourful wallpapers, fabrics, and household objects upholstered in gorgeous patterns; telephones, watering cans, baths to name but a few

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