Iíve spent the last few weeks down in London preparing things for London Design Festival. After having the disaster of being caught up in a downpour, and my bag filled with wallpaper clashing with someone elses and spilling into the gutter (only me), I got to Kingly Court in one piece and began preparing the place for the grand opening on the Thursday.

A group of us including Giles, the Claireís and Gilesí lovely intern Charli, all got together and with the help of others transformed the room into haven of interior goodies.

Special thanks to Giles for all of his hard work and asking me to be involved in the project, and also Claire Lovett for supplying me with the photos.

One thought on “Collaboration: Giles Miller, Carnaby Street

  1. I love following your blog Abi, the new wallpaper looks AMAZING!! Well done hun!
    Glad to see your doing so well!

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