Last week I scooted down to London for the evening for the launch of Charlotte Abrahams’ book The Ultimate Guide to Wallpaper. The party was held at the Cole & Son factory, where we were treated to seeing the factory in full printing action. My highlight was Ron, who in his 49th year of service showed us how flocked paper was made the traditional way- using a sieve that had been there since 1925. Amazing.

Thank you to Charlotte Abrahams for putting together such a great book, and all those at Quadrille Publishing. Finally not forgetting all of those at Cole & Son for working overtime to let us see them in action, although I heard they got Friday off so maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing.

3 thoughts on “Book Launch Party / Cole & Son Factory

  1. Me enorgullece saber que somos maestros porque nos nace del corazón y que ponemos todo nuestro empeño para hacer desde estos chavos personas íntegras para la vida. Y esto se aprende en 2 lugares: en la casa y en la escuela. Esto es lo que México necesita!Hay dos tipos de educación, la que te enseña a ganarte la vida y la que te enseña a vivir. (Antony de Melo)Vero: Felicidades por tu puÃlacicib³n!!!

  2. I love the quote, and the pictures! Great shots. Funny how much you can love your children even when they drive you nuts from time to time LOL. My boys can really put me through the ringer sometimes but I still can't help but love them more each day!

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